Science Finance Venture Capital

We’re an early stage generalist firm with emphasis on fintech, marketplaces, and science.

SciFi is Max and Nellie Levchin’s venture fund that partners with exceptional founders solving hard problems that require intense curiosity, intellectual depth, and often, science.

Focus Areas


We believe that technology will enable the next generation of financial products that combine access, efficiency, and transparency for businesses and consumers. Our fintech investments include credit, infrastructure, insurance, payments, and real estate.


Marketplaces are complex businesses that require intense intellectual rigor to build, and we deeply understand the underlying density dynamics. We are particularly interested in fintech marketplaces, labor marketplaces, and marketplaces digitizing huge legacy markets.


Our mission is to bring science fiction to reality. We actively invest in the commercialization of breakthrough technologies such as machine learning, CRISPR, robotics, and quantum computing. Studying these breakthroughs in depth ourselves enables us to be true thought partners with companies bringing these advances to market.

Everything Else

Breakout companies can be built in any category, so we are excited to back inspiring founders across sectors. We seek out exceptional founders in hard, regulated, or technical markets such as enterprise software, healthcare, and security.

How We Partner

Brainstorm Stage

We partner with ambitious founders exploring fintech, marketplaces, and other areas at the earliest stages of company formation. We work together with founders to define product and strategy, before leading the seed round.

Max and Alex at SciFi were critical in helping us during the earliest, formative stages of the company. They were excited to get into the details, pull in people from their network to advise, and even dug into spreadsheets and models with us. Grateful for the help - and excited to be partners for a long time to come.

Sadi KhanFounder and CEO of Avenaven logo

Early Stage

We participate in Seed and Series A rounds for companies bringing innovative products to massive markets. Our philosophy is to bring unprecedented intellectual rigor to early stage investing, and deep domain expertise to supporting our portfolio companies through critical product, strategy, and fundraising decisions.

SciFi was our first investor and Brex wouldn't be Brex without them. Max's and the team’s knowledge around fintech really helped us innovate and structure the company in a scalable way. They were helpful around fundraising (debt & equity), partnerships, credit, and operating advice.

Henrique DubugrasFounder and CEO of Brexbrex logo

Growth Stage

In addition to making follow on investments in our brainstorm and early stage portfolio companies, we opportunistically invest in later stage companies with exceptional growth.

SciFi has been a great partner in our initial and growth rounds. Nellie, Max, and Alex have a unique understanding of both marketplaces and lending, from unit economics to capital markets. As an investor, they consistently bring the value of a larger fund.

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We’d love to hear from you if you are solving a hard, valuable problem.